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Flash in the Pan – Mental

“When’s the last time you saw her?”

“Hmm… ‘bout two months…I s’pose.”

“She’s your wife. Don’t you know…?”

“Kat pulled this trick plenty of times before.”

O’Brien gazed forward and nodded towards his partner behind the double-sided mirror. Shuffling the papers on the table, he nodded. “I see—you stopped worrying after too many disappointments.”

“Yeah. You know. I gave up. She’s mental, you know…”

That a medical term?” The detective peered up beneath his lashes.

“No doc told me nothing. She was messed up see…”

hanging lightbulb“Was?”

“Was…was—the last time I…”

“You kill her?”

“No way Jose. Do I look like a murderer?”

“What’s a murderer look like? Go on then, but don’t leave town.”

Cluckie checked the mirror, smoothed his black hair, and wiped his mechanic’s hands on his work-pants. In a flash, he was gone.

* * *

Newspaper headlines the next morning: Missing wife found, accused of shooting husband.

~ * ~

This is the new Fall Quarter of Flash in the Pan. The theme is Disturbed.

The word limit for Mental is 150 words. I used them all.

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