How the Cookie Crumbles

Life and scribbles on the far side of SIXTY-FIVE


What a Girl’s Gotta Do…

I’ve been cooped up way too long. I’m not saying I haven’t been out at all this year. I’ve met my responsibilities: picking up the grandkids after school, babysitting, and managing grocery shopping because the cupboard was bare—but with added effort.

To save my sanity today, I went shopping.

A new pair of boot-look shoes to go with my jeans with at least a two-inch heel has been on my mind for some time. Nothing I saw last year appealed to me.

This was a bad day to let me loose. At Marshall’s (yes, we have one this side of the pond of late), I went on a rampage. Not only did I fall (hard) for a pair of the perfect shoes (exactly as I dreamed), I ended up wondering around the purse department where I snapped up not one, but two, purses. No black bags for me. One was mustard—I know, I know—but it was so s-o-f-t. Athough not real kid leather, it was so bright and cheery! One stroke, one touch and I wasn’t about to let go.


The second bag, which jumped out at me, was shiny, big, bold, and brassy turquoise. How could I say no? The heck with white or tan for summer and black or brown for winter nonesense. Isn’t that for boring folks? Certainly not for me ever again. I’m going for a new trend: whatever makes me happy—hopefully for longer than it takes to get home after laying my money down.

A third possibility grabbed my attention: a glossy tan number, which hung over my shoulder comfortably—just so. Lucky for me something whispered in my ear to try the zipper. I like purses with zippers because nothing can fall out and I feel secure that no sleight of hand might slip nimble fingers inside and slip something out. Thumbs down; the zipper was stuck. Anyway, who needs three new purses in one day? Not me.

By the time I arrived at home with two purses, a pair of shoes,  a refillable (Keurig) filter cup (that’s a story for another post), and a padded carrier for my notebook, I felt I’d made up for the past two-and-a-half consuming months.

The sun finally shone on me. My mojo did a little dance…made a little shopping love…and got down to it tonight today.

Now, I need a nap. Sheesh.