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100-Word Challenge for Grown-ups – Week #153

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This week’s prompt is the picture below, plus 100 words

Week 153 100WordChallenge


Can’t do it. The hooded menace clutched his chest, staggered and swayed. Too divine to die. He’d never neglected his duty before.  I’m finished.

 Birdsong ceased. An exquisite melody floated across the meadow. Crowned in daisies, a head of tousled blonde hair bobbed among the wildflowers. The tiny girl gathered blossoms and sang a spellbinding tune.

Grimm ditched his steadfast scythe. One step forward for a better look, hands tucked inside the robe’s sleeves, he closed his eyes. He froze in place and turned to stone. Once obscure among shadows, now visible for all to behold. His punishment for non-compliance.


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