How the Cookie Crumbles

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If it Feels this Good, How can It be Bad?

Let me make myself clear. I didn’t want to do it but I am weak. At least I’m honest about it. Would you steal a man’s water in the desert or would you let him drink and live? Enjoy his life?

OK, so my situation isn’t the same and it has nothing to do with water. It’s the best example I can think of that might grab your attention. An ad in the newspaper yesterday just jumped out and hit me between the eyes.  It was about a book sale. So what? Don’t I already work at a bookstore? Sure, I admit it and we have a sale coming up in a couple of weeks too. But…I’ll not be able to make it to that one. Anyway, I already know what will be on sale so I can’t get all that excited about it.

I’m running out of shelf space it’s true, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Before I entered the lair of temptation, I promised I would only buy what I NEEDED and had to HAVE. None of this, ‘hmm that sure sounds good, I’ll put that on the next reading pile leaning tower of books stockpile awaiting attention.’

I bought five children’s books for my granddaughters and five books for me (5/$1.00 cheap but in mint condition). A mighty fair deal, right? Three of mine are novels; one is The Arctic Grail (The Quest for the North West Passage and the North Pole 1818-1909) See, deep reading by Canadian author Pierre Berton. The last one is Devil’s Knot (The True Story of the West Memphis Three) by Mara Leveritt of Little Rock. All good and only fifty cents each! How could I say no?

I’ve heard there are some who abhor hoarding. I don’t know anything about THAT and  I’m NOT one of THEM. You’d be surprised what I don’t have to run out and buy…wait for it…I already have it on my shelf.  I’ve belonged to a book club for eleven years.  What’s wrong with being prepared and on top of things? Am I wrong? I also have lots of choices when I can’t sleep at night. Not true anymore. I sleep like the dead.

I’m not admitting to anything, but maybe I have a certain—je ne sais quoi—-something in my DNA. I love running my hands over my friends books as I pass by. I like the way they smell and feel.  When I sit down to read, it’s nice knowing they’re watching me and enjoying that I am smitten by one of their own. See, it’s a two-way street. We respect each other. It’s been a long relationship and I want to give each one of my full attention. To get to know each one well. Some have been passed from hand to hand but I don’t care. Only rarely have I been known to give up a few but mostly I am loyal. And YES, I DO peruse many over again. I’m better than a boyfriend. I’m true blue.

Why isn’t there enough time to enjoy MY rapture here on earth ?