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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #173

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Prompt:  …and so it begins… + 100 words


Where Were We?

Fran glared at her laptop screen. “The special’s gone.”

“What special?”

“The Groupon chicken breasts. I told you.”

“You’re. A. Week. Late.” Heather scowled over her bifocals.


“Look-look. My favorite pants are on Groupon, and cheaper than Walmart’s.

“Those burgundy things?” Fran wrinkled her nose. 

“No-no. The navy ones. Three pair should do. Where’s my credit card?”

“You use Pay Pal, silly.”


“And so it begins. You remember, I forget. I remember, you forget.” Fran raised her hand. “Waitress, two refills, please? Where were we?”

“I donno.”

“You weren’t listening?”

They frowned at each other, then laughed till tears lined their eyes.


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100-Word Challenge for Grown-ups – Week #154

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The prompt this week is … Remember … + 100 words



Among the captured soldiers, Stefan raised his chin, elbows thrust wide. In front, Henio, hands on head likewise, relaxed his elbows forward. The butt of a rifle slammed his shoulder. His hand slid to an ear. The firearm discharged like a cannon; he soared into the air.


Face and uniform slimed and splattered red, Stefan grit his teeth and stumbled. I will not mark my trousers. He blinked fast and swallowed. Remember me, wife. I’m sorry.

The captives trudged through the giant electrified gate.

A rifle barrel jabbed his neck. “You, right. You, left.”

Bless me Father.

“Move. Now.”