How the Cookie Crumbles

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Hot Flash – Remote

“You’ve going where?” Missy’s mouth dropped, eyes alert. Red hair frizzled and mushroomed around her blotchy face.

“It’s a guys’ weekend. Fishing, eating, drinking a few brew skis.”

morgueFile free photos

morgueFile free photos

“You don’t do fishing—and a remote island?”

“I’ll have my cell, Hun.”

“I’m guessing no service…”

George cracked a Cheshire smile.

* * *

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The word limit for Remote is 50 words. I used them all.


When in Doubt

One home safety rule is to never clip your car door opener inside your car (on the visor). I kept mine in the car for many years but I smartened up; it made sense to carry it in my purse. Until I smartened up again.

 The problem lies with my purse.  One in particular, a soft shelled one, is a problem because at any time it can be bumped (with books, grocery bags, my coffee mug), and the garage door becomes activated after I’m inside the house and I’m none-the-wiser for what just happened. Danger.

 Last night, our garage was pilfered. It’s my fault. I’d been out and had returned home around 10:30 PM with no idea I’d opened up the floodgates of temptation to any passerby.

 The next morning, my daughter advised me the garage door was wide open when my son-in-law left for work. She also thought she heard something but figured it was one of the girls moving around (in bed). Thank goodness she didn’t investigate. The laundry-room door, which opens to the garage, had been tampered with.

A case of beer went missing as well as some restaurant equipment (my son-on-law works for the restaurant supply business).

            I felt exposed, afraid and creeped me out.

This is not my house

In addition, I had an appointment in that afternoon. I couldn’t get my car out of the garage. It was locked somehow, even my remote didn’t work. I tried to contact my son-in-law on his cell phone and ordinarily I would have been able to get through. Just my luck he was off-line, busy training new employees.

I was stuck at home and forced to cancel my appointment. ‘ve never felt so helpless. I apologized for the accidental door opening.  It’s unfortunate I was locked in but who thinks of everything when you’re worried about your family? I do not carry my remote in my purse anymore.

If you park your car outside your house, never leave the remote inside. If your car gets broken into, your house is an oyster ready for plucking. Think about it.

Summer weather is coming. While entertaining in the backyard, make sure your front door and your garage doors are locked.