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Money in the Bank

In a recent post (Show Me the Money), I was expecting a minimum of $360. return from the bank because they have a policy that 60-year-old customers no longer need to pay service charges. I just heard about it recently so I spoke up. I estimated they would lowball the average per month service charge I’d been paying. I was RIGHT! No surprise.

They also said they’d contact me when the investigation was finished and they’d made the deposit into my account. They did NOT. I found out by checking recent activities. Actually, I was curious so I kept checking my account. No biggy really because I’m actually richer than I thought I’d be. The “extra money” was just slipped in like I wouldn’t be paying attention. I found $376 plus change that wasn’t in there prior to my appointment with the bank.

I confess I was, however, skeptical—about everything. The fact that the bank would back track five years and give me anything at all astounded me. That they chose to use the lowest denominator didn’t.

This post is just to bring attention to my age-related new-found perk. Hmmm. I wonder if I’ll have to pay taxes on this money. Even though I’ve already paid taxes on this money somehow I feel this whole process was way too easy. Will there be some kind of backlash? As they saying goes:

There is no free lunch. (no matter what you think or what you’ve heard).