How the Cookie Crumbles

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100-Word Challenge for Grown-ups – Week #151

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This week’s prompt is …as I rose in the dark… +100 words



I tossed and turned, but sleep eluded me. A quivering shadow snaked past the window without crunching footfall. An owl hooted. As I rose in the dark, the front door exploded. Books and debris battered the walls and floor. Knick-knacks smashed and glass shattered. I dove beneath the covers.

Breath ragged and muscles cramped, sweat shot out of my every pore. I smelled bad. I’d once heard this cottage was haunted but— A Halloween trick, then?

“Derek—that you?”

The door slammed shut. Hair drenched, I peeked out and gasped air. Flashlight beams flickered about.

“Who’s there?”


“Why are you in my bed?”

“Uncle Frank?”


© 2014 TAK


The Meeting

Scenario 1

A camera shutter winked. Their encounter wasn’t secret anymore. He grabbed her; his passion evident. She slipped into the shadow out of his grasp.

“I can’t…”

“You said you love me.”

“I don’t anymore.”

“What? Problems at home?”

* * *

Scenario 2

The passion of her embrace left him breathless. Their last secret encounter she’d said. A shutter clicked. He looked over his shoulder. Was that a camera? A shadow crossed his face. He’d almost escaped.

Or was he paranoid?

* * *