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Shanghai: Day 11, Part 4 – Silk Workshop

After I enjoyed another lumberjack’s breakfast, we were treated to yet another factory tour. This one was about silk and the most enjoyable so far. I was impressed. I’d had no plans to shop or spend money because I didn’t need anything. My thinking changed when I surveyed the magnificent comforters, pillows and other bedding. I’m sorry now I purchased only one silk fibre pillow and a light comforter. Why I took more money than I usually carried around I can’t begin to understand. I picked my wallet clean down to the lint to pay for my bounty (Yuan and Canadian money, totaling about $150 CAD). Who knew? The price was more than reasonable. I’ve checked prices on the internet since then and I believe we did well. I’d been planning to buy new pillows in the spring anyway, never dreaming I might bring home a silk one from China.

Business was brisk. No other factory tour had ignited this much interest so far. When we arrived, in a separate room from the sales area, packages covered half the floor space. A departing group searched through to find their purchases. Once money changed hands, the goods were bundled into a compact cloth and zippered bag with handles, and the buyer’s name affixed. You didn’t see your parcel until departure.

Some advantages of silk fiber bedding:

  • Silk bedding is better than down
  • Half the weight of down
  • Bedbugs prefer down, not silk
  • Dust mites don’t like it
  • Mildew resistant
  • Strongest natural fibre
  • Keeps its shape / doesn’t clump
  • Fire resistant
  • hypoallergenic
  • You won’t sweat on it
  • It forms to your shape / stays springy
  • Lasts for years with proper care

Silk and Comforter Making:

The Life of a silk worm:

Lunch was at (Haioufang) The Seagull Palace Restaurant. Our group arrived too early. We were given a table and had to wait for the food. As more new customers arrived, our food came and the place was soon packed.


Drinks as always: one glass water, coke, sprite, or beer.


  • Sausage slices (not sure about meat source)
  • Tomato slices
  • Spicy edamame beans
  • Something fish dish
  • Cubed cucumbers and sliced lotus root (crunchy, mild flavor and enjoyable)


  • Tea
  • Eggplant
  • Egg drop soup
  • Rice with eggs, beef
  • Spring rolls
  • Carrots, onions and potatoes (stew?)
  • Panko breaded mild white fish
  • Fried and breaded lotus root
  • Cubed chicken
  • Potato and pineapple in sweet tomato sauce
  • Salad
  • French Fries
  • Watermelon slices for dessert

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Chinese Saying:

Lazy child who lives at home and lives off his parents instead of working is called, ‘China Little Emperor.’

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