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Chongquin, Part 1

Image Courtesy of Sally Cronin

Real Pandas

We had our last breakfast on the Yangtze Cruise ship. At 8:00 a.m. our new female guide, Romy,  arrived to escort us from the ship. We disembarked at Chongqing, a long walk to the bus. We dragged our luggage along narrow steel walks, bridges, a dark, unsavory market where people gawked at the tourists. Our next stop: the Chongqing Zoo to see the Pandas.

Quick Facts:

  • Two days ago we were already in Chongqing when we were at the Gorges
  • Chongqing is a municipality since 1997
  • Has 32 million people
  • Area has expanded: 3rd biggest city in the world
  • 82 thousand square kilometers
  • West to east: 470 km. Takes 8 hours to cross
  • Gambling illegal in China. Legal only in Macao
  • Chongqing is an upper and lower city
  • 1937 – 1943 – runway for air-force
  • Lots of bomb shelters 1937 – 1943 built in caves
  • Seniors look after grandchildren, play mah-jong and exercise (tai chi)
  • Husbands are hen-pecked, also do cooking, laundry, and look after children
  • Tai Chi for middle-aged, not young people
  • Breakfast is one egg, soy milk and outdoor Tai Chi afterward
  • Chongqing summer temperature is 40 degrees Celsius

The wide boulevards in the park-like setting of the zoo attracted dancing and T’ai Chi enthusiasts:

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Panda Quick Facts:

  • Gave a couple of panda (1 male and 1 female) to Toronto Zoo 2013(?)
  • Artificial insemination successful three times
  • Panda called bear/cat but they are not related to cat, maybe raccoon (scientists are still studying relationship)
  • Morning is a good time to visit Pandas as they are active and come out then of shelters
  • Besides Panda, Northern (Siberian) Tiger is important
  • China Southern Tiger suffers extinction. Only about 100 in captivity
  • Also know here is Golden Fur Monkey
  • White Lip Deer
  • Yangtze River dolphin (don’t see them anymore)
  • Sturgeon

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People facts:                                  

  • Northern Chinese are taller
  • Southern Chinese are smaller
  • Yangtze divides north and south China
  • Women here like male to be at least 20 cm taller than she
  • 3,000 Yuan penalty for a second child. Romy, (our guide) was the expensive 2ndchild
  • Humidity good for Chongqing skin
  • Southern flat face and admire round eye and two-layer eyelid (like to have plastic surgery for correction)
  • Nickname for westerners: big nose or foreigner (Lao Wai)
  • Want egg or round-shape face
  • Like our (North American) ears and small mouth
  • Don’t like to tan / like to keep skin light

Brown, lesser pandas look similar to raccoons:

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Food Facts:

  • Chongqing food spicy and numbing
  • Like chilies and black pepper
  • Invented hot pot about 100 years ago by poorest (could only afford internal organs which nobody wanted)
  • Now everything goes into hot pot
  • They like duck intestines and Ox belly (stomach)
  • Cooks in seconds
  • Deep fried crickets

Our Guide, Romy’s, Apartment:

  • Cost 7, 8, or 9,000 Yuan per square meter (USD $1166 / $1334 / $1500.00)
  • Her apartment new style, rent 2,000 Yuan per month ($334.00 USD)
  • Has 2 bedrooms (80 square meters)
  • 2 balconies (1 large for the view / the other for laundry)
  • Buy apartment as shell (everything concrete from walls to floors)
  • Need to install everything: kitchen, bathroom / paint, wallpaper
  • Had to hook up to electricity and water (already installed in building)
  • Needed hire a team / buy her own supplies
  • The work took three months
  • 600,000 Yuan for apartment ($100,000. USD)
  • 150,000 Yuan for finishing ($25,000.00 USD)
  • Can own for 70 years only, then renew lease with government
  • Must pay public fee to used elevator + parking space = another 100,000 Yuan (Under $16,000+ USA)
  • Instead can pay 400 Yuan monthly ($67.00 USD)
  • 80% of hi-rises are just a shell

Chinese saying:

Will eat everything swimming in the lake, except a boat.

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Additional Information: Baby Panda at Chongqing Zoo

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Next time on September 15, Chongquin, Part 2

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