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Mucking Around


Friends, Romans, countrymen . . . Oops! wrong speech

I’ve been buried in paper for weeks. Admittedly, I don’t work at the speed of light but let me assure you although I am slow, I am sure. This is my excuse.

Why am I here suddenlyRobin Coyle found me lurking in her SPAM (not the kind that some people…you know). I hadn’t noticed all the comments I’d diligently sent out into the blogosphere were disappearing until today.

(I cheat when I’m supposed to be working. I sneak a peak  and read a few posts (don’t tell anyone…sh). I send a few comments— now and again. OK . . . I need to know what’s going on even if I am a wee bit furtive. And Busy. You try working your buns off without any fun!

Please check your SPAM. I might be lost in there.  Robin was kind enough to send instructions. If your comment disappears on a post after you hit ‘post comment’, click below. Type in the search problem box “comment spam” and a form pops up for you to fill out. Or just ignore my rambling as I muck about.

Good luck if you need it and please take me out of spam jail. I have been trying to keep up. Honest.

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Author: Let's CUT the Crap!

I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

45 thoughts on “Mucking Around

  1. I find you in my spam as well. I thought it was just me and corrected it, I hope.

  2. I found you wandering around in spam but I said, “Oh no not spam!” and now you are back where you belong…

    • You’re a SWEETheart. Thanks for breaking me out of jail! Next time I believe I should be OK and not land there. Anyway, I have Akismit on the blower looking after things. Thanks for lettting me OUT. It was getting stif-ling. Tess

  3. I am looking in there now and if I find you I will put on my nifty black jumpsuit and Tom Cruise style, rapel into spam to get you out. If I never come back, give me a great eulogy.

    • Just keep a light on Katie. It will be OK. I’m so pleased you are willing to go into the S**M box. It’s mucky in here. I’ll be so glad to get out and take a SHOWER. LOL I’m loving this. Thank you. Tess

  4. I’m SO glad you gave us the heads-up, because sure enough, there you were in the Spam box. (Of course, you should also know that in our Hawai’ian household, “Spam” is a word spoken with a great deal of love–and if you get stuck in there again, we DO have some great recipes…) But for now, you’re out! Glad you said something! :)

    • Thanks, Kana. Spam was poplular in Canada after the war. My mom bought Spam and Klick and I loved. We had them fried with eggs. Yum. I haven’t noticed either of the two in years. Can’t recall who else told me that Spam was a Hawaiian favourite. The same fellow who helped Robin helped me, at least he had the same first name. I filled out the form she directed me to. I received a test form from WP to fill in again. This morning another e-mail advised me everything A-OK and I had already noticed it was. I cannot believe the quick response. I’m a lucky girl / woman / er, blogger (I don’t have strikeout in hotmail). Tess

  5. Spam hell, how awful. I’ll check and give you a get out of jail free card ASAP. love you too much to leave you spamming. Enjoy always, even if you are encased in spam.

    • Oh, Tricia, you do make my day! My WP is working fine now. I filled in the form Robin advised I get to, a test form came back from WP and today, I’m home free! Received an e-mail advising everything should be fine now and it is. This morning tried commenting on a few posts and my words weren’t vanishing into limbo. Thanks for the free out-of-jail card! (giggling like a school girl).

  6. I also found you lurking in my Spam folder a couple of days ago and reinstated you to your rightful unmoderated position on my blog. I love your comments!

    • You are a sweetheart of the highest honour! You did it BEFORE it was necessary to make my silly annoucement to the WORLD. I thank you kindly. I now wait until WordPress sorts things out. Its funny, I don’t get spammed on everyone’s posts—what’s with that. Thanks again. Tess

  7. Spam-foldered at my place too but I rescued you! Thank you for reading and commenting on my stuff!

    • What a sweet person you are especially after being world-weary and luggage-worn (ha ha). Thank you for taking the time to take a minute here. I DO so appreciate being rescued. I haven’t been a damsel in distress for so many years…but I like the feeling of being rescued….Thanks in so many ways.LOL Tess

  8. Glad you’re all sorted, at last.

  9. I wonder if it’s the “crap” that triggers it into spam.
    Yes, you got into my spam before, twice!

  10. I have noticed my spam is gathering pace daily, today I had 34 and this is regular now. But i go through them because I have found some genuine followers in amongst them. Definitely getting worse. ;)

  11. Hey Tess, you were hanging out in my spam too. You’re back in the land of the living, I’m glad to report. :)

    • Thanks Karen. This is so dumb. Why me? Why at at? Why now? If Robin hadn’t clued me in, I might not have noticed as quickly as I did. Hopefully, WordPress will come to the rescue like they did for her. I try not to respond to comments because they will bjust end up–you know–so I am utilizing the LIKE button because it works. It’s hard to keep up in the best of times—this doesn’t help. Thanks for letting me know where I’ve been in your world. Tess

      • Something weird is going on. I don’t have numbers showing up (in that little box that shows you responses), I’ve got this little camera icon. What’s up with that?

  12. I have never found you in my spam.

    Of course, I’ve never found you in my olive loaf either. So I think we’re good, you and I.

    • Thanks for commenting ‘singing’. It appears I am not kicked out of ALL of the blogs I follow. It’s WEIRD, it’s only some but I don’t know which ones until I post a comment. If I can’t see it, I’m in spam. Glad to know in your world I am still an unrestricted spirit–not directed to spam jail. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your input. Love your posts by the way and I love your stories. Tess

    • Yay, if I’m not in your spam, then you must be receiving my comments. Also, I’m not a complete loss…. Thank you for the update!

  13. I found you in my spam … but I was concerned that it wasn’t really you so I ignored it. Good luck dear Tess … :) (i never had you down as a spammer … lol:)) With joy!

    • Hey, I just found you again … hey, that’s not right! Poor you! I hope WordPress sends SOS to you immediately. Thankyou for your beautiful comments. Thankyou so much Tess. I am touched by all your kindness. :)

      • You are a sweetheart. After I filled in the first form, WP sent me another one, so it feels like someone is looking at the problem. Some comments DON’T disappear and that’s strange too. Gigi, I try to be a nice person especially to people who are nice to me. You are indeed welcome. They are all I have to give you: words. Sometimes they hurt but I try to use them to be thoughtful of others. Keep smiling. Tess

    • Thank YOU! I’m glad you have my number. . . LOL

  14. Tess, you are not in my spam, but if you were, I would get you out of that mess in a millisecond! :)

    • I am not a spammer anymore! Took Robin’s advise, got a test e-mail back. This morning all was again back to normal. I was pleased and amazed at the speed of response. Yahoo. Thanks for checking and commenting. I appreciate your time taking the time.

  15. You have not been in my spam folder in ages. Everyone who commented the first two weeks went into the can, but were all washed, pressed and hung in the comments to dry. Since then, no misdirections.

    WP wonky. No great surprise. One of their “improvements” I am certain. Very good to see you at my place enjoying the scenery. You apparently are working far too much. My advice? More bloggy breaks.

    • Thanks, Red. Yeah, you are so right. I spent all day yesterday catching up on reading and commenting. Can’t keep up but enjoy sitting on my fat a** and just enjoying. Wish someone would bring me a coffee so I don’t have to keep getting up to get it. Ha ha. Lovely hearing from you. You always make me smile.

  16. You aren’t in my spam! I <3 you too much to let that happen to you!

    You are awesome and you make me smile!:)

  17. You have not been in my spam:)

  18. You aren’t in my spam.
    Does that mean you don’t love me?

    • It might seem that way, but you’d be wrong to feel that I don’t. Glad I wasn’t in there. I’m all fixed up now. Service was about one day and a little bit. Amazing. Thanks for letting me know.

  19. Big Brother protecting us from ourselves … :) … and I thought that democracy is the right of each one to suicide as we want… :)

  20. Oh no! It just doesn’t seem right that a sweet lady like you is in Spam jail!

    • Thanks, Jenny. I was released about a day or so later. Quick turn around. Surprised the heck out of me! Thanks. How do you know I’m sweet. I could be putting on airs. Tee hee. I AM harmless though.

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