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A Burning Question


I’ve been putting this off for months because I’m not technically inclined. Might someone help so I don’t blow up my blog?

Some of you know my e-mail hasn’t worked for almost a year (give or take) and I haven’t managed to have Big Brother listen and unblock it.

I’ve decided to get rid of the dud e-mail and use another.

My question is what will happen if I replace the dud with a new e-mail? At least I won’t need to scramble to another addy to respond to direct mail.


I try to stay ahead of disaster, kind of like preventative medicine.


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I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!

34 thoughts on “A Burning Question

  1. I’m a tech dummy. I’ll stay tuned to learn with you.


  2. I think all that will happen is that you will have an email that works. Nothing should explode or implode. Good luck & let me know how it turns out. 🙂


    • Still holding my breath. Someone mentioned changing subscriptions to newsletters, something that hadn’t occurred to me. Ugh. I’m waiting until internet behaves again and am sweeping out the cobwebs in my brain so I can concentrate… Thanks for the encouragement, Susan. Always nice to see you.


  3. I just changed from yahoo to hotmail recently. I took it slowly because I have a LOT of stuff “stored” in yahoo. Nothing really happens other than the hassle of telling everyone that you’ve changed your address. In my case it’s been easier because I wasn’t in a rush. But I do subscribe to an awful lot of stuff and get some business notifications that had to be changed on their records.
    I hope I’m not misunderstanding your situation, though. Just try to pick one that isn’t yahoo since they are monitoring all incoming and outgoing emails for anything “suspicious.” Good luck!


  4. It should work okay by changing the email, and setting your blog to accept the new one. and then it should then send all to your new one. but you have to make sure your blog is set to using it… good luck…


    • Thank you cobbies69. I’m still wringing my hands and working up the courage to grit my teeth and just do it. Someone suggested adding the new email as a secondary. So much to think about.


  5. If you go to DASHBOARD, then go to USERS, then PERSONAL SETTINGS you can see where you change your email. Your “bad” one should already be listed. Can you see if you can ‘add’ an email without getting rid of the old one? If not, I still think that is where you have to put the new one. I’ll be watching as well.


  6. Tess, I feel for you…I too am technically challenged. I can’t offer help but my thoughts are with you! Laurie



    • Sheila, you are TOO kind. Thank you.
      I’m about half-way through a list I’ve had to catch up for the past year and a half. I’m getting there but I most likely won’t be answering all the ‘rules’ on all of these.

      You have a nice smile.


  7. I did that once a couple of years ago, and I had to rejoin all the blogs I belonged to. It really wasn’t that hard, but it did take awhile.


  8. First, set up your new e-mail account. Whatever provider you choose. Personally, I have 6 different e-mail accounts. One account is specifically used for my blog, it is all it is used for.

    Next, on your blog do the following:

    Goto: General Settings => Change the EMail Address in box 3 (Admin)
    (You will be sent an email to your new address, make certain to check your spam filter for this so your wordpress email doesn’t go to spam in the future. Confirm the change)

    Goto: Settings => EMail Post Changes
    Make certain the top box is not checked
    Add your email into the next box if you want notification when you change a post or page (I do this for confirmation of changes to my own pages and posts).
    Skip the next box unless you have a secondary email address.
    Check Posts and Pages.

    You are done.

    You should not have to do anything else.


  9. It is not hard. I had to do it when my old email account was seriously hacked and I closed it and opened a new email account. Just open a new account wherever you want and then in WP go to your dashboard,settings,general, type in new address, save changes. You will get an email from WP at the new address to confirm it…do what it says and voila! no more email problems.


    • A wonderful cat mother, a fine photographer, a craft person, interesting writer and NOW, a techie too. Thanks, Patricia. I’m still working up my courage…


      • I am definitely no techie but I figure doing something on the computer is not brain surgery…if it goes wrong nobody dies. Have you asked in forums for help or WP support? . And you can always back everything up and if you lose it you can restore it. Or you can always ask a 12 year old to help. 🙂


  10. Get rid of the dud one for sure! Out with the old (and dysfunctional) – in with the new! Happy days! 🙂


  11. Hello Tess. I just want to add I also had to reset all the blogs I followed. It reset a couple times, I’d find I would not be receiving alerts. But now it all seems settled.

    Please accept Tess these two readerships awards . You are one of my most devoted readers and want you to know I am so grateful to you for this.
    Accept them both how you choose. I just wanted to say i appreciate you.

    Enjoy ~


  12. Did everything work out?
    Don’t forget to add the new mail address to your gravatar.

    (After three weeks of internet at snail’s pace, it’s a treat to catch up on the stories and photos. That’s why the slightly belated comments…)


    • So kind of you to ask, Delft. I haven’t made the change yet. My laptop went into the shop. Now internet is slow here too.
      I need to push everything away to concentrate because I’m a ‘fraidy cat and a non-techie.