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Writing your own Ebook – Part Twelve Finale– Images – and Useful Links


The 12th chapter in Ebooks formatting. Enjoy.

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Images in Ebooks

There are two types of EPUB Ebooks: Standard Layout, that allow text to re-flow and Fixed Layout where the page layouts are fixed and text does NOT re-flow.

Standard Layout is used for books that are mostly text and they may have images embedded between paragraphs, or on separate pages. This is the format that is most widely used and is compatible with the widest range of Reading devices.

Fixed Layout is used when: you need to have a background colour or to wrap text around images; if your pages have aspect ratios that you don’t want to change or if you want to have horizontal orientation or columns of text.

For most fiction books and many non-fiction books the Standard Layout is fine and I will only address that format here.

Image Guidelines

Different Ebook retailers have different guidelines regarding images and you need to…

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8 thoughts on “Writing your own Ebook – Part Twelve Finale– Images – and Useful Links

  1. Have a fabulous Friday, Tess and Sally!


  2. Ten more reasons why I am not going to do this myself. There’s just too much that must be done! It’s hard enough for me to learn writing, much less ebook publishing.

    Which takes nothing away from how interesting this series has been.


  3. I will have to come back and read this series Tess, packed with helpful information, thanks so much for re-blogging and to Sally too.