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North to Alaska: Skagway Adventures?


We were already docked when I looked out the window at 6:45 a.m. The weather was (again) overcast, not an uplifting start to the day. Sigh.

Our stateroom window provided a view of a sheered rock wall painted/stamped with brand names from our narrow entry point. This is just a small sampling.

A five-car came tram along. People lined up already but no one had his or her hood up, so I guessed the rain finally took a time-out. I assumed this might be a tour tram but probably not gratis.

Breakfast first by 8:00 a.m. The dining room busy but not full. Hungrier than I realized, I chose porridge with a cup of prunes (for taste, silly), a couple slices of cheese, raisins and sliced almonds on top, and orange slices, kind of my usual breakfast plan at home. I couldn’t be happier. I must be losing my mind or my age is showing. Am I on a cruise or at home? I’m not a fan of eating out often. After a day or two, while travelling, I’m bored with restaurant meals. They all lack that distinct homemade flavour.

We realized we need not rush out to discover Skagway as our day was free till 8:30 pm. We took our time till after lunch. How big can Skagway be if it shuts down for the winter?

The power went off all over the ship around 9:45 am. The Captain apologized for the inconvenience over the intercom, then a flicker and all went black. No satellite reception since we woke. I tried my laptop. Nothing. The TV was dead, too.

We lazed and read the morning away, choosing lunch around 12:30 before heading to explore Skagway. Chicken salad hit the spot. We’d been eating too freely and decided to rein in the bad habit of gorging because we can.

Still no satellite reception after lunch, we pulled ourselves together for a stroll into town for Wifi, above all else. We worried Skagway might be black as well, but

Since we ventured out late in the day, we had no idea if we’d missed a free tour like the previous day (even by accident as we had been). I heard no announcements for the first-day tour and not for this second one.

Bored with the damp weather, we ventured out and met stragglers returning to the ship with name brand shopping bags. Their recommendations were golden. Tourist feedback is more valuable than anything advertised. I like real people rather than marketing gimmicks.

Quick Tips:

We strolled from the ship into the town of Skagway, a distance of under a mile but worth every step. The weather had improved and the day smiled for a change, the sky smeared with frothy clouds, the day dried by a generous sun. What a refreshing change. I’m not old enough for laid-back cruising; I’d rather walk, free to move around. The ship is too confining for me though there is a lot to do onboard. I’m not a water baby so the pool holds little attraction for me.

Our bright day trek looked like this along the way:

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12 thoughts on “North to Alaska: Skagway Adventures?

  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d be lost without Wifi while on vacation. It must have been terribly frustrating, along with the weather. But at least you’re traveling, Tess, and seeing some wonderful sights ❤️


  2. You are the only way I’m getting to Alaska, Tess. Keep these comin’!


  3. I loved Skagway! It was the only day it rained and the shops filled up very quickly. But it was a great little frontier town and Dad enjoyed it. The graveyard was interesting. Glad the sun came out for you.


  4. I have NO desire to do a cruise. BUT, if I were to do one, it would be an Alaskan cruise. This might be my only one, right here with you!


  5. I like the theory that I’m away from connectivity but, nope, I don’t like it at all. Skagway is a great name for a place; it really doesn’t sound picturesque but it does sound full of character, or maybe characters..


  6. A bit disconcerting I would think to lose power on the ship. Hopefully that was easily resolved and didn’t happen again while at sea. Like you we feel recommendations from locals and other travelers is like treasure.


  7. Skagway looks great. I loved that the rock which had been defaced by someone was restored in 2013.


  8. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    It is that time of the week when I head north with the intrepid traveler Tess Karlinski to carry her bags on her trip to Alaska.. this week that looks like shopping bags. Despite only have 1000 residents, and shutting down in winter, it appears that Skegway still had plenty of brand named items to sell you. The cruise ship has a blip.. head over and find out what kind of blip…..


  9. I need to go there.


  10. I try to avoid the internet when I’m away, just a quick email check on my phone!


  11. We’ve been to Skagway twice via Alaska cruise and enjoyed the port. First time we took the narrow-gauge railway train ride up the mountain. Scenery was spectacular but would have been even better on a pretty day.
    Second time we stopped there, we took a helicopter flight and landed on a glacier. We were blessed with a beautiful day so felt very lucky.
    Thanks for bringing back fond memories!


  12. It looks good, especially as you managed to catch a break in the weather. Thanks, Tess!