How the Cookie Crumbles

Life and scribbles on the far side of SIXTY-FIVE


Flash in the Pan: Alive & Energized

Attila fed the bonfire with dried logs long hidden, awaiting this task.

“We must cut off its head and throw it into the fire to burn.”

“But, it’s alive…”

“The bat, use the bat first. Where’s the bag. The fire is ready.”

“Uh, there’s a hole in the ba…. it escaped…”

“Idióta. It’ll keep coming back, and never die now. Balazs, you are seven, almost a man—you disappoint me—again.”

The boy smacked his forehead. He trembled, knowing what was in store for him now.

~ * ~

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Thunder rumbles; rain pelts; lightening rents the sky. Arms raised high, Tomer adores the storm, his eyes wild and breath sour.

Cackling madly, he hurls the bottle at the window. “A good storm gets me en-nerr-gized!”  The glass explodes. Tomer crumbles to the floor, limbs scattered like dropped kindling.

~ * ~

The word limit for Energized is 50 words. I used 49. Check out for rules and contributions.


(3X) Flash in the Pan – Fire

Another snowstorm loomed; phones silenced. Nothing from her mother for two weeks. Millie packed her car with homemade soup, stews, coffee, and blizzard essentials.

The house appeared neglected; no smoke curled from the chimney. Icicles, like daggers, hung like custodians.“Mother—mother?!The house creaked, as frigid as a tomb. Her mother lay buried under mountains of covers.

wikipedia commons

wikipedia commons

“Mother?” Millie stroked, massaged, prayed.

Eyes staring, lips working, the woman stirred. “That’s right,” her daughter said. “Here’s coffee. I’ll help you.”

Millie kneaded her mother’s shoulders. “I’ll start a fire…be right back.”


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The word limit for Fire is 125 words. I used 93.


Bill blew the horn. Marnie peeked out her car window. He grabbed her for a quick embrace.

“Quit it, Bill, they’ll be out in a minute.”

“What a wet blanket.” He grinned. “Alright, how about a word game? Orange.”

She pouted. “Pumpkin.”“Cards…”

“Thank you.”“Hm, interesting—”“Boring…”80px-Bell_Reignac“I meant interesting answer. ‘Bill’…”


“What? Say again…”

“You said bell and I said ring.”

He squinted, blue eyes calculating, and chewed on a hangnail. “I ain’t buying you no ring for Christmas.”

“Oh, get a life!” Marnie bolted; car door smashed shut.

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The word limit for Ring is 100 words. I used 92.


The harried staff dashed and whirled, moped and polished, grumbled and smiled. Discordant voices buzzed in the air.

“Pickup—two turkeys,” Nick hollered at Angel. “Pickup, pick up.

The fat cook, red-eyed and tired, turned to the new girl. “Hurry with those pastries. More clean plates please.” He turned back to the window.

wikipedia commons

wikipedia commons

“Pickup—one tender.”Where the f**k’s that shell? “Hey, kid, did you see my turkey carcass?”

“Yep, I dumped it in the garbage.”

“What?” he growled, “Fish it out. I’m making turkey soup tomorrow.”

“There’s cigarette ashes—“

“So wash it!”

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The word limit for Fish is 100 words. I used 94.